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Our Golfschool


Golfschule Uwe Tappertzhofen
Tel: +49-172-5130733

Thorsten Walter
Tel: +49-151-10626889
Uwe Tappertzhofen is the head-pro of Licher Golf-Club. During his more than 25 years long pro career, he developed a distinctive training concept. According to his concept mental aspects, technique, fitness and club fitting are important aspects for a continuous, successful and healthy golf play.

According to Tappertzhofen each golf player has individual issues to work on and continuously improve. Standard methods are therefore less helpful in order to improve strengths and find solutions for deficits in everybody’s personal swing.

The basis for this is a detailed swing analysis. Also the physical aspects will be taken into account and the club set will be evaluated. Building on this there will be a plan to continue with the right measurements to successfully improve.

Uwe Tappertzhofen is more than happy to work with you and a common success.

Next to his activities at Licher Golf-Club Thorsten Walter is also the youth trainer in the federal state of Hessen, where he has been able to obtain great achievements. Consequently Thorsten Walter’s youth training at Licher Golf-Club is becoming more and more popular. To solve the swing problems of his students, Thorsten Walter also uses video analysis.

What both trainers have in common: Individual trainings from the beginning and for each student.