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Our limited membership

Annual fees 2019 for limited memberships
1. Economy-Membership
Explanation: you don’t want to miss the membership at a renowned golf club and want to play at weekends when only ordinary members are allowed to play. You are charged the green fee only when you are playing, but will get a 20% discount.
And if friends of yours would like to accompany you, they will also get the 20% green fee discount.
650,- € annually
2. Annual Membership
Explanation: You become a member for the current and the next full year. After that you decide whether or not you stay with us.
Your advantage: You are not permanently bound to us.
Your limitations: As an extraordinary member you cannot take over honorary posts and you are not entitled to vote. You are not entitled to some discounts that apply to ordinary members. In the future, with the increasing number of ordinary members we will have to reduce the number of annual memberships. However, this is not yet applicable.
2.090,- € annually or 190,- € per month (partner 1.520,- € annually or 140,- € per month)
3. Annual membership for foreigners
We also offer an extraordinary membership in/for our golf club. The membership can be terminated at the end of the year with a notice not later than 30 September.
1.790,- € p.a. (1.320,- € p.a. for partners)
4. Child of a member,
until 11 years of age
100,- € p.a.
until 15 years of age
200,- € p.a.
until 17 years of age or end of school days
360,- € p.a.
until 27 years of age or end of schooling
750,- € p.a.
5. Secondary Membership
When entering during the year, single payment fee according to annual scale. Instalment payment only for a full calendar year (January until December).
990,- € p.a. or 91,- € monthly
6. Club-fee for adult members
50,- € / p.a.